Articles by Staff

An Interview with Rabbi Yehoshua Fass

Note to Readers: R. Yehoshua Fass is the co-founder and executive director of Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organization that helps people from North America and the UK make aliyah.  The organization aims to ease the transition of émigrés to Israel as much as possible. Since its founding, Nefesh ... Read more →

An Interview with Simon Goldberg

Note to Readers: Simon Goldberg graduated from YC in 2012 with a major in History. He is the founder of the Student Holocaust Education Movement (SHEM) at YU, and, for the past four years, has served as the Executive Director at Triangles of Truth, a non-profit organization that aims to honor ... Read more →

An Interview with R. Daniel Rapp

In your opinion, what is the most important impact that the year in Israel has had on the Jewish community in the Diaspora?   In my opinion, the biggest impact is that members of our community recognize the value of full-time learning.  I think the key to the year in Israel is that we ... Read more →

Interview with Rabbi Eli Baruch Shulman

BY: Staff. When you approach a sugya, what are your goals and what steps do you take in order to achieve them? The first thing that I want to do when I learn a sugya is get a handle on the tsurasa di-shema’atesa, the structure of the sugya. “Sugya” in this context may mean the […]

An Interview with Rabbi Hershel Schachter

An Interview with Rabbi Hershel Schachter BY: Staff   Who is qualified to give a pesak Halakhah (halakhic ruling)? What makes his ruling binding upon a large group of people? To give an original pesak on a new she’eilah (halachic question) or a hachra’ah (decision) on an old ... Read more →