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Morning After Memo to Religious Conservatives

The views expressed in the following article are solely those of the author, and are not intended to reflect or represent the views of Kol Hamevaser and its editors. For a while nearly everyone I met, mostly students and colleagues, looked and talked depressed and disappointed, whether because ... Read more →

“A Tree Planted on Many Waters”: Something About R. Aaron Levine z”l

1 When almost all of my mother’s local friends, and most of her relatives, were dead, and she could not go out on her own, and I was away much of the time, how did she continue to live at home? Without new friends and companions, there would have been no alternative to a nursing […]

Truth and Consequences: A Postscript

Rabbi Shalom Carmy “Truth and Consequences” was not intended as a major treatment of intermarriage or anti-Semitism or halakhot pertaining to Gentiles. I wrote to a teacher who wanted to be prepared if his students brought up the Noah Feldman article. I did not comment on the alleged ... Read more →

Truth And Consequences

Rabbi Shalom Carmy      I The premise of Noah Feldman’s article is that being an alumnus obligates your school to be supportive of everything you do. Based on this logic Democratic conventions from 1968 on should have featured celebrations of Ronald Reagan’s political achievements, a ... Read more →