Articles by Miriam Pearl Klahr

God’s Three Keys and the Dialogue between Talmud and Tanakh

“Talmudic text that comments on some verses of Scripture calls in its turn for interpretation. Its intentions are not immediately apparent; its exposition can surprise a novice, and allows for several levels and dimensions of meaning,[i]” wrote the twentieth century French philosopher, ... Read more →

Learning from Other Nations: An Exploration of “UveHukoteihem Lo Teileikhu”

Ben[i] Zoma said, “Who is wise? He who learns from all people.” (Pirkei Avot 4:1). However, Leviticus 18:3 instructs, “You shall not perform the practices of the land of Egypt where you dwelt and the land of Canaan to which I am taking you and you shall not walk in  their statutes ... Read more →

The First Beit Midrash: The Yeshivah of Shem and Eber

The first historically known beit midrash probably began during the era of the Second Temple. The Pharisees, unlike the Sadducees, emphasized that Torah learning, and not only temple service, was a vital aspect of Jewish life. Thus, physical centers of Jewish learning slowly became the heart of ... Read more →