Upcoming Issues

November 2014: “Judaism and Other Religions”

Submissions are due by November 23. Possible article suggestions include:

  • Article on how Judaism has related to other religion over the the course of  history: has the form of interaction  and discourse changed?
  • How much do you know about Christian and Islamic Theology?  Similarities and differences between the “Big 3” religions?
  • Eastern religions and their contribution to contemporary Judaism
  • “She-hem mishtahavim la-hevel va-rik” – Is it really that bad?
  • Another Look at the Rav’s seminal piece “Confrontation”
  • Interfaith at YU?! Should we go out of our way to interact with member of other faiths?
  • Does studying other religions help one appreciate and understand one’s own religion?
  • Stories of censorship in the Talmud and on…
  • May one walk into the Cloisters? Entering other places of religious worship
  • Analyzing the Bible as it’s used by various faiths. How do other faith read akedat Yitshak,  Yeshayahu chapter 53 etc.
  • She-lo asani goy? Is this meant to be read as a disparaging statement?
  • Inviting non-Jews for Shabbat/Hagim
  • Hatzolah ambulance, saving the lives of non-Jews on Shabbat
  • Mishum eivah/Mi-penei darkhei shalom
  • Kiruv on non-Jews? Should we be promoting the sheva mitzvot Benei Noah?

As always, please contact us at kolhamevaser@gmail.com with any questions. The editors will be glad to help you work on an article idea.