Upcoming Issues

February 2013: “Technology”

Submissions are due January 21.  Possible article ideas include:

Bioethics-Fertility issues-Internet-Copyright law and intellectual property-New questions that technology raises about Hilkhot Shabbat-Genetic engineering-Kil’ayim and genetically modified food-Cloning-Bar-Ilan Responsa-The printing press and the spread of Jewish scholarship-Transportation and the international halakhic date line-Perils/challenges of technology-Using the internet as a tool for spreading Torah

April 2013: “Holocaust and Catastrophe”

Submissions are due February 26. Possible article ideas include:

Memory (Yerushalmi’s Zakhor)-The importance of our personal or collective histories-How to deal with catastrophe, tragedy-Proper methods of memorializing and the debate over Yom ha-Sho’ah ve-ha-Gevurah-Tish’ah be-Av as a day of national mourning vs. other fast days-The role of kinnot and selihot-Megillat Eikhah in Halakhah and Hashkafah-Personal tragedy, remembering loss, and aveilut-Hester panim-Post-Holocaust theology: R. Berkovitz, R. Greenberg, R. Amital, Fackenheim, etc

May 2013: “Rights and Obligations”

Submissions are due April 5. Possible article ideas include:

Halakhah as system of rights or responsibilities-Women’s “rights”- is there a way of expanding a role without saying it’s a right-Human rights in Judaism-Freedom and Halakhah-Animal rights-Right to self-defense-U.N. Human Rights Commission-Matnot Kehunah-Emotional obligations in Judaism-Ethical obligations-Non-Jews-Asking God for something- feeling that we have a right to something


As always, please contact us at kolhamevaser@gmail.com with any questions. The editors will be glad to help you work on an article idea.