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Tanakh in the 21st Century: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
As always, original topics are welcomed, but if you need help thinking of ideas here are a few:
  • The place of Yirat Shamayim in Biblical Studies
  • Talmudic Tanakh – Hazal’s varying approaches to the study of Tanakh
  • Maaseh Avot Siman La’banim – How Tanakh is meant to be Edifying
  • Analyzing the Purpose and History of Parshat Ha’Shavuah
  • The “Failure” of the Haftarah
  • “Iyun Ba’Tanach” – Can it Exist?
  • Historical Approaches to Tanakh
  • Conservation of names in Tanakh
  • Role of female characters in Tanakh
  • Divine intervention- Do the characters in Tanakh really have free will?
  • Clashes in Values- When stories in Tanach disagree with contemporary morals?
  • Dealing with ambiguities in Tanakh
  • In depth analysis/close reading of any particular passage/story with a focus on methodology used to analyze the passage/story
  • Censorship in Tanakh- Yehudah and Tamar is it okay to skip passages when teaching?
  • Survey/Interview of famous Mefarshei Tanakh, from Rabbi Akiva, to the Malbim, to Rav Breur etc.
Article Due Date is April 16th
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