Upcoming Issues

Get Started on your Kol Hamevaser article for the upcoming issue:
Issue 9.2: Nature in Judaism
As always, original topics are welcomed, but if you need help thinking of ideas here are a few:

  • An overview of different calculations for zemanim
  • international date line controversy (history/halakhah)
  • “Nature changes”–shinui ha-teva
  • Relationship between psak halacha and understanding the scientific reality
  • Nature as a source of religious inspiration (Tehillim, Rambam, etc.)
  • Modern discussion of Teleological/cosmological/Paley’s argument for God
  • Animals and Jewish Law

Submissions are due November 1.

Issue 9:3: Mourning and Loss
  • Grappling with Divine role in tragedy
  • Exposition of a Tanakh section pertaining to mourning
  • National vs. Personal Tragedy
  • The afterlife in Jewish thought
  • A Halakhic or ethical discussion of the usage of bodies after death
  • Suicides in Jewish thought, law, and history
  • Historical development of mourning traditions (e.g. yahrzeit, kaddish)
  • Compositions in response to Crusades, Holocaust (literary/historical analysis)
Submissions due November 29.
Please contact us at kolhamevaser@gmail.com with any questions.