Articles by Leah Klahr

Midrash and Intertextuality: Stringing like Beads the Words of Torah

In Shir ha-Shirim Rabbah, Ben Azzai is described as stringing the words of Torah together like beads, from the Torah to the Prophets, and from the Prophets to the Writings. Sitting and interpreting, with fire blazing around him, Ben Azzai tells R. Akiva, “I am sitting and stringing [like ... Read more →

Tzimtzum, Divine and Human Constriction: A Meeting-Place Between the Divine and Human

“Whenever I think about God, I am at first saddened, because I realize that in thinking about Him, I distance myself from Him. But then I remember that since He is all, He is also my thought and my distance, and I am consoled,” said the 19th Century Hassidic thinker, Rabbi Nahman of ... Read more →