Why Chicken Scratch on Stone, Clay, and Pots Matters: A Case Study in Amos and Archeology

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  1. Elisheva F says:

    One might suggest that “hozeh” can point to Aram in another way, by a close reading of the pasuk and by keeping the rest of Tanach in mind. Even without the Zakkur Inscription(which indeed seems to provide support), we already know that “Hazael” is a prominent name of Arameans in high positions(see Sefer Melachim Alef ch. 19, Bet ch.8, 12, 13–around the time of Jeroboam ). When the theophoric element is removed, we have “Haza”–the same root as “hozeh.” We do not see this root appearing much, if it all, among Israelite or Judahite names in the Tanach(Ahaziah and Jehoahaz of Samaria and Ahaziah and Ahaz of Judah are questionable examples)–so it is reasonable to connect “hozeh” in Amos to a favoured linguistic phrasing of “prophet” in Aram, and to the Northern Kingdom's connection to Aram.

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