From the desk of the Chief Procrastinator: Enough With all the Thinking Already!

K’ol ha-Mevaser was established years ago as the official Jewish thought journal of the Yeshiva University undergraduate student body. For years we have faithfully done our utmost to meet this lofty calling and publish articles which provoke the crania of our captivated and often constructively critical community of readers. We have published reviews and retorts, rants and reassessments (though no initial assessments were ever found) all with the goal of stimulating you, our dear readers, to think. In the course of this pursuit we have often gone beyond the call of duty, publishing articles so dense, obscure, and full of highly specialized language that not even the authors themselves could really comprehend the nature of the arguments they espoused. However, dear readers, we at K’ol ha-Mevaser, have had a change of heart, an epiphany if you will. We have taken stock and realized that after years of lip-biting, brow-furrowing, temple-massaging, and other anatomical gestures of intense contemplation we are not very much further than we were when we started (we are still at YU after all). In light of this realization we have decided to strike out on a new and trail-blazing path in academic productivity. No longer will we stand for rumination, meditation, cogitation, and analysis! No longer will we bother with comparisons, contrasts, contradistinctions, and counterfactuals! Henceforth K’ol ha-Mevaser thumbs its nose at the askers of questions, and regards those who attempt to provide answers with general disdain. Henceforth K’ol ha-Mevaser seeks out a new designation as a journal of Jewish unthought! We present, in this new issue, the fruits of our first endeavors in this vein. It will be a long and arduous journey, dear readers. The thoughts to unthink are many. But with your help we can forge a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the unthinking of the most critical topics in contemporary Jewish life. Let the adventure begin!

Yours truly,

Foodly-ood McFuddleDuddle
Chief Procrastinator