A Match Made in Heaven? Part I

Itamar Moishe’le Berel Schwartz

Itamar.schwartz@gmail.com; Twitter: @IMSchwarzennager

Shiur: The top one-no duh!

Plan for life: ??? (ra’bbanus, pre-med or lawyer – what other options are there?)

Salary: What’s that?

Who I am: What kind of paragraph is this. This is ridiculous. How am I supposed to sum up who I am in this measly paragraph? And anyway, girls are supposed to do this, not boys. I’m only writing this resume because Mindy told me I should. If you want to know who I am, look up the word mentsch in the thesaurus; there is a description of who I am.

What I am looking for: I am really not picky. I am only looking for a few things. My short list goes as follows: looks, parents’ money, photogenic (her profile picture on YUConnects must be gorgeous – no exceptions!), hashkafa’h and possibility of supporting me. (And the shadcha’nim say that my list is too long – go figure!) Aside from those few things, I am extremely un-picky. I don’t really care about anything else. What I truly value is her has’hkafah (and her father’s hash’kafah on supporting us). I spend most of my time learning Torah, studying, and deciding what I want todo in life. In my spare time, I’m usually busy dating, but if, for some odd reason I am available, and you fit all of my criteria (really, that shouldn’t be so hard), I would be thrilled to meet you!


1.(808) 977-8555: My best friend, who will only say good things about me

2. (909) 566-1999: My chevrusa’, who will tell you the truth about me