Editors’ Thoughts: A Magazine and its Visions

Welcome to a new year of Kol Hamevaser, born in an ever-changing Yeshiva University. In our communities, both here in New York and elsewhere, a new year means new opportunities and frustrations, conversations and controversies. Already in the opening weeks of this academic year, we at Yeshiva face the consequences of institutional reorganization, and, more solemnly, look outward to Israel’s many new diplomatic crises. These personal and national transformations help us appreciate even more the role of leadership in our lives, and the difficulties that this role entails. Torah study and life experience both reveal that changes in leadership are common features of existence. And it seems that, more often than not, leaders are made and judged by their capacity to inspire change and navigate crisis.

The staff of Kol Hamevaser is proud to present you with the only periodical magazine produced by Yeshiva University student body. Our mission is to explore the important questions of Jewish thought and life, to relate to our living Torah, and to provide a forum in which students can communicate ideas passionately and creatively to one another. We hope that you gain from this endeavor and contribute to it, by reading, writing, and joining our community in all its facets.

In this first issue, probing the theme of Leadership, we thank and pay tribute to the outgoing editorial staff: Editors-in-Chief Shlomo Zuckier and Sarit Bendavid, and Associate Editors Ilana Gadish and Jonathan Ziring. Their labor and dedication allowed this magazine to make great strides in the last year, and this issue, largely the product of their work, consists mainly of articles that were written and edited at the end of the last semester. We look forward to the great work they will continue to do as leaders in their respective settings, and wish a heartfelt Mazal Tov to Shlomo, Jonathan, and Ilana on their respective marriages over the summer. Mazal Tov as well to Chana Zuckier, our new editor-in-chief on the Beren Campus, on her marriage to Shlomo.

This year, Kol Hamevaser has an all-new editorial staff, and we would like to introduce ourselves: Editors-in-Chief Chana Zuckier and Chesky Kopel, and Associate Editors Ariel Caplan and Gabrielle Hiller. We and our writing staff are excited for the journey and challenges ahead; our upcoming plans include an issue on Jewish Education, a panel on the role of Torah in the American public sphere, and a student-led discussion group on moral questions surrounding the death penalty. Our future issues will feature a brand-new Arts section, part of the Jewish Life and Ideas Through Art project, in coordination with the Yeshiva University Museum. This section will examine works of art and poetry significant to the themes we will address.

Please visit us at www.kolhamevaser.com, check out our Facebook page and Twitter account, and avail yourselves of our guest lectures and shabbatonim.