Issue 2 is Out: Politics and Leadership

We’re pleased to bring you our second issue.  It’s filled with articles exploring the Jewish political tradition, perspectives on Jewish political power, and musings on the meaning of nationalism.  Don’t miss Rabbi Genack’s interview on his experience in American politics!

The whole issue is available here.

Articles are also available for individual download:

Professor Ruth Bevan: “Is There a Jewish Political Tradition?”

Ben Kandel:  “The Changing Role of Shimon and Levi” 1 and 2

Gilah Kletenik: “Israel: Jewish and Democratic?” 1 and 2

Simcha Gross: “The Jewish National Organism” 1 and 2

Yossi Steinberger: “Mrs. Prime Minister” 1 and 2

Elisheva Schlanger: “Women in Positions of Leadership: Melekh ve-Lo Malkah Reexamined” 1 and 2

Ari Lamm: Interview with Rabbi Genack 1 and 2

Zev Eleff: “The Students Versus the First Dean of Yeshiva College:  The Beginning of Commentator Politics” 1 and 2

Shlomo Zuckier: “Judaism: Ends and Means

Ruthie Just Braffman: “Democracy Through Jewish History

Alex Ozar: Review of Marc Shapiro’s Studies in Maimonidies and His Interpreters