Issue 1 has printed!

We are very happy to announce that the first issue of Kol Hamevaser is now out. It can be downloaded in pdf (9mb) here, or you can read the articles individually by clicking below.

On Leaving Yeshiva by Alex Ozar

Letter to an Orthodox Burn-out by Seth Herstic

Religious Development and Personal Growth by Rabbi Yosef Blau

Religious Radiance by Chava Chaitovsky

In Defense of “Flipping Out” by Binyamin Ehrenkranz

A Halakhic Jew by Shimshon Ayzenberg

The Main Thing is to Think: An interview with HaRav Aharon Bina

Growing Pains by Ayol Samuels

Yeshiva University: A Sanctuary For Religious Growth? by Noah Cheses

Conformity Lishmah by Mattan Erder

Individual Suffering and Religious Growth by David Lasher

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